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Great gameplay makes use of every aspect of the game in ways sensible to the lore.

Stefan Alfredsson

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Title: The Door On The Third Floor

Genre: Mystery/Investigation, Horror

Platform: PC (Designed for Oculus Rift)


What it is:

A game treatment for a mystery-horror game designed to be played with the Oculus Rift, making use of it's unique possibilities.


How it came to be:

  • The goal of the project was to create a game concept utilizing the Oculus Rift and to write a game treatment for the concept.
  • The concept was developed by three designers.
  • All three of us worked together on concepting, writing and image-editing for the game treatment.


My responsibilities:

  • Design
  • Writing
  • Image Edititing

Stefan Alfredsson - Designer & Unity Developer - E-mail: - Mobile: +46 70 754 8228